Vandalism là gì

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‘surveillance of the building would reduce vandalism & theft’‘He called on the public lớn report any instances of criminal damage or vandalism.’‘Reports of criminal damage & persistent vandalism were also relayed lớn councillors.’‘This is just mindless damage & vandalism, which will hit us hard in the pocket.’‘They cannot be expected to lớn be present while every act of crime or vandalism is being perpetrated.’‘Mindless & dangerous vandalism at a social housing property has been condemned by police.’‘Security is lớn be stepped up at a town cemetery after a spate of thefts & vandalism lớn graves’‘Many motorists have sầu now been forced khổng lồ park out of view, risking theft và vandalism.’‘It makes us so angry that the cemetery is becoming a target of theft và vandalism.’‘In a wanton act of vandalism their car was broken into and rendered undrivable.’‘He supported the new scheme & hoped it would reduce vandalism in the area.’‘We want khổng lồ protect staff and park users and reduce the amount of vandalism.’‘The image of the estate has already improved a lot, with graffiti & vandalism being reduced.’‘We need better public services locally and a tougher attitude towards vandalism & crime.’‘The cấp độ of mindless vandalism around the centre is an indicator that we need lớn vì chưng a lot of work there.’‘Persistent acts of vandalism have now forced the school to rethink plans to lớn create an outdoor play area.’‘A total of 22 crimes of vandalism have been reported to the police in the past three weeks.’‘A village school is looking to lớn employ private security guards in a bid to lớn craông xã down on vandalism.’‘Acts of vandalism vày occur, but it is not something that happens very frequently.’‘Schools are used khổng lồ finding themselves on the receiving kết thúc of crime và vandalism.’‘As a community, I urge one and all to take a firm st& against vandalism of all kinds.’