VNG announced that Valorant is officially launching in Vietnam giới with official servers on April 6, 2021.Players will be able to lớn connect lớn the Vietnamese servers once the servers go live sầu next week.Players from Vietphái nam can download the game from the official Riot Games website ahead of the launch khổng lồ play it day one.

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Valorant’s Vietnamese servers were first teased baông xã in May 2020, but all talks of the region receiving its own VPS died down over the past year. Riot Games revealed at the time that its game is launching for “most of the world” và for regions lượt thích Vietphái nam it “won’t be able khổng lồ launch just yet”. The studio was aware that without Valorant’s Vietnamese servers, players in the SEA would face higher latencies and they promised to lớn deliver a solution soon. After nearly a year of waiting, Riot Games is finally mix to lớn launch Valorant’s Vietnamese servers.

Valorant VNG Release Date 

The Vietnamese version of the game, Valorant VNG is scheduled khổng lồ release on April 6th, 2021.

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Valorant’s Vietnamese Servers Overview

According khổng lồ an official announcement by VNG, Valorant’s Vietnamese Servers will launch on April 6, 2021 và countries lượt thích Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, & Vương Quốc Nụ Cười will have access khổng lồ yet another low-latency server to lớn play on. Valorant already has Singapore servers but the addition of Vietnamese servers will offer more options khổng lồ players in Southeast Asia. 

Valorant System Requirements

If you have been missing out on the game due khổng lồ the lack of Valorant’s Vietnamese servers và want to lớn get your hands on the game, here is a rundown of the system requirements: 


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