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It is thus timely khổng lồ have sầu a book that considers them in great detail - renaming them "co-compounds " in the process.
This book is therefore a timely and relevant contribution for a better understanding of different approaches to lớn caring for children and older people.
This is a timely và important reminder of the emotional và practical difficulties experienced by partners và spouses when the problem of care-trang chủ admission presents.
Three recent developments make it timely for fresh consideration of the role of ethics in primary care.
Of course, information so timely và valuable that citizens will pay for it is a tiny subphối of all the information available.
This timely paper examines the promises & limitations of current treatment, including different views on the participation of traumatic brain injury patients in research.
This perspective was widely held & indicates that substantial challenges exist around adequate và timely definition, & acceptable proof, of practice/giải pháp công nghệ inferiority (obsolescence).
Careful monitoring will prevent crises & allow the timely referral of the family for any additional services, such as, psychotherapy or legal advice.
Prefacing the turn with and presents the action và its prompted request as timely and occurring routinely next in sequence.
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said about people who have similar characters or interests, especially ones of which you disapprove sầu, và who often spover time with each other

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Laid-baông xã, likeable và jovial : talking about people you like & admire (1)



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