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In fewer than two decades, the Spider-Man franchise has already amassed a history of stops and restarts. But the most surprising were the sudden cancellations of Amazing Spider-Man 3 và the spin-offs planned lớn follow. It was confusing & strange, but there"s an interesting story behind why the sequel to a successful movie got tossed in the garbage.

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After Sam Raimi"s withdrawal from Spider-Man 4 because of studio interference, aao ước other things, Sony Pictures decided to reboot the franchise. The new series starred Andrew Garfield & relatively new director Marc Webb. It was a bold move sầu for Sony, since Raingươi và Tobey Maguire"s collaborations were proven box-office draws. However, the studio wanted someone younger in the role of Peter Parker, feeling the story of Spider-Man is the story of "a boy trying to become a man," according to Collider. While some fans expressed sadness over the loss of Maguire, they were happy there was going to be another Spider-Man movie of some kind. Plus, we wouldn"t have to lớn look at that weird, confused expression Maguire makes when he"s acting.


So 2012 came, và so did Amazing Spider-Man. The movie had a decent story, moving away from the goofiness of Raimi"s interpretation of the character & going for something a little more serious & grounded in the real world. It also had an impressive cast: Denis Leary as Captain Stacy, và Martin Sheen và Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Plus, there"s no denying that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are a much more attractive pairing than Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire. The movie did well commercially, grossing almost a billion dollars, & phối a record for the all-time highest-grossing reboot. It even garnered some impressive critical attention. In fact, in one of his final Review, Roger Ebert said that it was the "second best" of the Spider-Man franchise. Sure, second-best doesn"t sound that impressive, but it"s not lượt thích he said it was godawful. So the reboot was off lớn a decent start!


Of course, there was a sequel. Like most sequels, it didn"t perform as well with the critics as the first movie. It pulled in about the same amount of money, however, but the Đánh Giá weren"t as kind as theater goers" wallets. The general consensus was that, while Garfield, Stone, and everyone else in the cast did a good job, there was just too much going on. As a result, the movie came off as something of a muddled mess. Still with all that went wrong with it, it wasn"t bad enough lớn earn any Razzie nominations. And it did well enough that not only had the studio planned lớn make more sequels, but spin-offs too.


Sony"s plans for Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4 were pretty crazy. According khổng lồ various websites, the plan involved not only resurrections for both Gwen Stacy & her father, but also Gwen becoming something lượt thích the Spider-Gwen character who has since debuted in the comics in năm ngoái. (For those not familiar with the comics, "Spider-Gwen" is basically, "Gwen Stacy, but with the powers of Spider-Man. And is from another dimension.") To add to lớn that, Sony also planned some villain-centric films as well: Sinister Six & Venom. Casting villains in the lead role isn"t something that gets done a whole lot, especially not in comic book movies, making it a pretty controversial—yet interesting—move on Sony"s part. There were even rumors that Felicity Jones might get her own spin-off as Amazing Spider-Man 2"s Felicia Hardy, aka Marvel Comics" Blaông chồng Cat, but that was probably speculation. Sony"s plan was to create their own universe lớn compete with, or be something akin khổng lồ, Marvel"s cinematic universe, while using Marvel"s own characters, ironically enough. Still, the ideas were all intriguing. But then, seemingly overnight, those plans got scrapped.

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Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4 were both planned & even had release dates: June 10, 2016 và May 4, 2018, respectively. Paul Giamatti also confirmed that he"d return as the Rhino for the third movie, according khổng lồ Collider. But then the movies began khổng lồ get delayed. Also, Marc Webb, a huge part of the first two films success, stated that he"d only return to lớn direct the third film and only act as consultant for the fourth, which wasn"t a good sign. Ultimately, all of the planned movies got cancelled. It was also strange that the studio, which had all of these big plans for the character, would suddenly ditch their plans. It"d be one thing if they delayed everything or put the plans on hold. That"d just mean the right script hadn"t been found or there was a technical issue or scheduling conflict holding things up. But a cancellation meant something bigger was going on.

The Sony hacks from late-năm trước revealed a lot about the sudden changes with their Spider-Man franchise. According to some of the stolen and leaked emails, even though Amazing Spider-Man 2 was still better than any of the Transformers movies, the lukewarm reviews it received were enough to spur Sony into lớn taking the character in another direction. This decision was made primarily by the new regime that took over after former studio head Amy Pascal stepped down. Subsequently, this new direction involved the hiring of another actor khổng lồ play the role of Peter Parker, Tom Hollvà. The hiring of Holl&, the youngest actor to lớn take the role so far, suggested a desire lớn keep Parker young. Sony didn"t want hyên lớn be an adult struggling lớn make it in the real world. Nor did the studio want hlặng to be a young adult. They want Spider-Man to remain young, a snot-nosed punk even. But this wasn"t the only big news lớn come from the hacks...

According to documents made public by the hacks, Sony worked out a khuyến mãi with Marvel to lớn bring Spider-Man into Marvel"s cinematic universe. Fanboys and fangirls around the world squealed in delight. Since then, it"s been revealed that Spidey would make his debut in a big way, as part of Captain America: Civil War. This puts Spidey in line lớn participate in Marvel"s climactic Avengers: Infinity War movies, something a lot of fans, Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman included, want to lớn see. But while all this is great news, it"s not the only thing the hacks revealed.

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Andrew Garfield helped pave sầu the way for this new direction for Spider-Man. It"s also the actual reason plans for Amazing Spider-Man 3 got canceled. According khổng lồ a series of emails obtained by Showbiz411, Garfield was supposed to attover a gala after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where he"d have been announced as the star of Amazing Spider-Man 3 by Sony bigwig Kaz Hirai, but Garfield cancelled at the last minute. Garfield most likely cancelled due lớn feeling under the weather from the long flight there, which is understandable. But still, Hirai felt slighted. And some of the execs not only agreed, but felt that it was a slight against the company as well. So Garfield was out. A man lost a job because someone"s feelings got hurt. That"s professionalism! And the old Parker luck in action...