Tải pokemon go cho window phone


Now you can play pokemon go on Microsoft Windows phone by using a simple trick as of now pokemon go is not available on Windows app store official but still, we can install pokemon go on windows phone.

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Before starting khổng lồ make sure your device supports GPS and also have gyroscope sensor in it khổng lồ play pokemon go 1GB ram is sufficient to run the awsome game.yu are thinking that how to lớn install Pokemon Go on windows phone ?.


As we know, Pokemon Go is only available and iOS ứng dụng store only, but there is method of running app android apps & games (apps) on Windows phone.Through that same way, we can tải về and run pokemon go on windows phone.

So let’s start the guide firstly tải về the following files before starting.

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1.Download Wconnect2.Download apk adb.rar

How lớn Install Pokemon GO for Windows Phones

First of, all you need to tải về wconnect and android adb.rar files from the tải về section and save them somewhere on your PC. It is preferable on desktop.When both files have been downloaded you need to extract them.Then, open the .exe software & install bothIpOverUsbInstaller.msi & vcredist_x86.exe.Now, on your Windows 10 device, go to Settings > Update & Security > For developers > Enable Developers Mode and Turn on Device Discovery.Scroll down & find the Pair button, once you will tap on it a message with a code will pop up so, copy it.Now, connect your Windows phone with PC using a USB Cable.Then, go lớn wconnect extracted folder, and from there press theShift key + Right Click & then click Open command window here:When a new window will be displayed you need to lớn type và enter the following code: wconnect.exeDo you remember the code when I said you need lớn copy it? Well, now just paste the code in the window & press enter.Then, go khổng lồ the extracted adb.rar folder & from there should be a folder named platform-tools, mở cửa it.Now, you need to tải về the latest apk version of Pokemon GO using the download button from below and transfer it into the thư mục named platform-tools.As in step 6, you need lớn press the Shift key + Right Click & then click open command window here again:When you’re ready type adb devices on the command window then press Enter khổng lồ make a connection between your phone and PC.In the end, just enter this code: adb install Pokemon-Go.

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apk và press enter.