FIFA Online 3, the new version, is praised for its interface và graphics, but the way of shooting (especially penalties) is much harder than the old version, which is considered a slight deduction. As explained by the "FIFA experts", this new way of shooting will help you master the finish và improve the goal of the pen, but it is for those who are familiar & skillful manipulation.

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Putting a pen to lớn the dead corner in FIFA Online 3, the new version, also known as "making love", is one of the best options if you want lớn concretize your goal. "Heart" is often difficult và not many goalkeepers can prevent. Why is that? Simply because:

The goalkeepers always stand in the middle of the goal, and the 4 dead corners are furthest away from that position, so the ability to move và prevent is lower.To shoot into such "A-corners", the player who finishes or must be able khổng lồ finish must be extremely good, confident or a little extra lucky.

Shoot penalty "lap" FIFA Online 3 New Engine

Because of that danger, such shots are very often used when kicking a pen. If you vày not know how to make such a shot in the new version of FIFA Online 3 football game, please see the instructions below.

Still the same operation as when we perform normal penalties as in the previous tutorial that Download.com.vn has introduced for you.

Guide penalty shot in FIFA Online 3 New Engine

Choose the standard force (near the green area), that is the most important thing.


After you have aligned the slider và have a satisfactory shot, quickly press one of the 4 arrow keys to lớn determine the position you want khổng lồ finish. This is the secret khổng lồ a perfect "crush".


We need to lớn pay attention, do not press the previous position selection key (arrow key). Which must be done sequentially, align shot / take shot / choose position.

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Do not hold the arrow keys for too long, because the longer the ball will move as far as the center of the goal & your shot will probably go out.


In addition, you can also choose a shot below 1/3 to lớn get the ball into the lower two corners or a little stronger khổng lồ fly higher. However, this way is not always successful, especially when in this new version, the goalkeepers have a lot better reflexes.


The best advice is khổng lồ Z + D on the keyboard, then adjust the position to 4 corners và you will have a successful penalty.


In addition khổng lồ heart, we can also use straight shots, with very strong force. Because these shots have a high rate of going into the "dead corner", especially the two "A" corners are very high every penalty shot.



Choose the slider at the right green point, take a shot stronger than normal (about một nửa bars of force or more), it will be the "bricked" that no goalkeeper can prevent.

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With the above instructions plus a little hard work, you will surely become a striker with good finishing skills in this new version of FIFA Online 3 game.