a flat outer surface of an object, especially one that is not the top, the bottom, the front, or the back:

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in a restaurant, an extra dish of food, for example vegetables or salad, that is served with the main dish, sometimes on a separate plate:
We parked the oto on a side street/road (= a small road, especially one that joins on to a main road).

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I think that"s a side issue (= a subject which is separate from the main one) which we should talk about later.
a side of some type of food is a small serving of food, esp. vegetables, served in addition lớn the main dish:
on both sides of sth Activists on both sides of the gun control issue called the judge"s decision important.

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the business/commercial/creative sầu side of sth I took the job because I wanted khổng lồ explore the business side of radio.
We expect these committees will not exhibit a svào tendency to lớn fall in the majority party"s target area on its side of the chamber median.
These critical trajectories approach at zero angle & from the side opposite the approach of the hinge points.
However, all the trajectories are finally convected khổng lồ the finger side except that issuing from the finger tip itself.
It is assumed that the peg is infinitely rigid, and thus, deformation appears on the cart side only.
There are two more world views that correspond lớn the transitions in the middle & on the right-h& side of the figure.
Running vertically down the centre of each door is an expansion slot between the two sides of the panel, producing a clear vertical stripe.
They appear as white dots when viewed by shadowgraph from above sầu, và as White vertical lines when viewed by shadowgraph from the side.