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You may have some trouble snapping 40 photos of something without being detected by the hovering museum curator or shop assistant, lớn say the least.
The same pair of female students address in dialect a young shop assistant and obtain a very formal, standard-oriented reply.
It was about a young lady, who, starting life as a shop assistant, married a duke at the over of the third chapter.
In the latter area, most working class men are artisans, laborers, cửa hàng assistants, handymen, clerks, etc.
Of these, perhaps a third were clerks or siêu thị assistants, the remainder foreigners of almost every nationality.
Her admirers felt it to be distinguished, but its effect upon siêu thị assistants was khổng lồ spread the instincts of socialism.
There were cửa hàng assistants, clerks, railway và city employees, tradesmen, and a generous sprinkling of common laborers.
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