Readiness là gì


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The need-state of the listener might also influence the readiness to lớn elicit significant messages from others andor to interpret the messages as especially significant.
A foremost explanation for judges" readiness to request và adopt therapeutic recommendations is the predominance of the "best interest of the child" criterion, discussed earlier.
If so, future research may reveal among people in later life less need for freedom from obligations & more readiness for societal contributions.
No less revealing was die supposedly sober businessman"s readiness lớn enter the highly dangerous và speculative world of piracy.
It reacted by assuring the authorities that it would abide by all orders and by asserting its readiness khổng lồ co-operate.
The relationship of life change to academic performance among selected college freshmen at varying levels of college readiness.
This might trương mục for my readiness lớn accept the written word as a valuable means of complementary documentation to lớn my own practical research.
Experimental protocols were brought khổng lồ readiness & each was applied to lớn fill grids that evaluated them in order khổng lồ validate the effect of structures.

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This shows that she is oriented to lớn the ambiguity surrounding the recipient"s state of readiness khổng lồ receive talk.
The application of calorimetry khổng lồ seed germination may provide bioenergetic information for understanding physiological & biochemical processes & readiness for germination.
Continuity of care allows for an assessment of patient readiness to discuss end-of-life issues, including hospice.
If so, then would there be any interaction between family history & linguistic signs of readiness?



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