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Much medical education still focuses predominantly on drug treatment, và commercial interests continue to fuel this to lớn the detriment of non-drug treatments.
Squamous carcinoma is strongly associated with smoking và alcohol and predominantly affects the middle third of the oesophagus.
About two-thirds obtain data on the clinical breast examination, predominantly in computerized form.
Results indicate that thalamically evoked cortical responses are regulated predominantly by basket cells whose output is a key factor controlling excitability in the thalamocortical circuit.
However, despite this increasing awareness of visual evidence, its role continues to lớn be predominantly illustrative.
Six species (8%) were defined as predominantly middle khổng lồ upper canopy bats which represented the less diverse group.
Fifteen species were exclusively captured in the canopy, 10 were predominantly captured in the canopy, and 12 species were exclusively captured in ground nets.
Respondents were predominantly Trắng (85%), married (62%), và highly educated (47% were college-educated or higher).
Most of the studies focused on health conditions or issues that pertain predominantly or exclusively lớn women.
The efficacy of atorvastatin was predominantly considered as advantageous or comparable, whereas the efficacy of losartung was considered disadvantageous lớn competing drugs.
They were regions of predominantly clearance area activity & both made important contributions to early period clearance.
In the visible-aper ture condition, pursuit was predominantly in the objectmotion direction, while in the invisible-aper ture condition, it was largely ver tical.
In the invisible-aper ture condition (open symbols), pursuit was predominantly ver tical, with little dependence on the objectmotion direction.

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In contrast, recordings of inhibitory responses from dissociated cells appeared to originate predominantly in soma & dendritic regions.
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the act of collecting or producing money for a particular purpose, especially for a charity

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