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Join Our Community At Straits Clan

A strong community spirit & a desire to learn và contribute is at the heart of Straits Clan. Unlượt thích traditional country clubs, members gain access to a lively roster of nội dung programming, a convivial gathering space where you’ll meet some of Singapore’s most interesting & inspired personalities và a sanctuary for productivity and leisure to compliment your lifestyle. Where people come as strangers and leave as friends, you’ll easily meet someone armed with a curious eye & a great story to tell.

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A Home Away From Home

From the second you walk inlớn the club, our goal is to lớn make you feel immediately at home page. The spaces are designed to take you from day to lớn night and work khổng lồ play and whether you want khổng lồ retreat from the buzz, get the job done or simply relax and unwind we have a space, a table or an armchair for you.

Complemented with world-class hospitality and service with a smile, we help you, simply vì you.

And if you lượt thích what you see now, just wait for what’s khổng lồ come later this year…



A Community Of Inspired & Inspiring Minds

Get access khổng lồ a diverse group of Singapore’s movers & shakers who are constantly pushing the envelope & challenging the status quo. Undefined by status or profession, our members are bound by the shared values of openness và the willingness lớn support & tóm tắt. From rising stars, future leaders, cultural enthusiasts lớn multi-hyphenates, you will meet curious, passionate individuals who are looking to lớn build bridges with like-minded people.

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Clan Circles

Yes, our members are friends in & out of the club. Intimate, thought-provoking, and inspiring discussions facilitated by members, for members, within WhatsApp. Not only does it serve sầu as a platkhung for discussion, members organise their own ad-hoc meet ups at the club và outside the club, of course - serving the community a slice of the hottest topics in town and around the world. Want to know the lakiểm tra tech insights? Exclusive access khổng lồ charity galas? The best dining recommendations? Our members know it all.




Best-In-Class Programming

We proudly use the power of our network lớn bring you some of the hotthử nghiệm topics, explosive sầu ideas, inspiring minds and global talent.

Whether it’s a an intimate dinner, a fireside chat, collaborative panel discussion or a raucous các buổi tiệc nhỏ, we consistently deliver best-in-class, global content that pushes boundaries, changes perspectives, sparks conversations or at the very least, shows you a fabulously good time.


Top notch fare & service with a smile

At Straits Clan we know great food, exceptional wine & first rate hospitality. This is why we are proud to lớn feature world class talent in Chef Andy Walsh of Cure (SG) & Pollen Street Social (UK) at the L2 Clubhouse Bistro, Chef Damian D’Silva of Masterchef judge fame in KIN, as well as critically acclaimed Wine Director Stella Kyên ổn & former Director of Operation Dagger (SG) Thomas Girard as Head of Beverage.

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The food và drink we serve throughout the club is phối to excite, delight và please even the most discernible of foodies, wine buffs và spirit connaisseurs. Join us for weekly brunches, generous free-flows & regular pop-ups and collaborations throughout the club, we also host private experiences for those looking for something more intimate.


Wellness và the Gym

We underst& it is all about balance, và so we’ve assembled the best-in-class trainers khổng lồ deliver a diverse thể hình programme for all fitness levels.

Join one of our specially tailored Strength, Yoga or HIIT45 classes or pop into lớn the gym during non-class periods to workout at your own pace. Our in-house instructor, Eusebius, is also available at the Gym from 9am to 5pm daily.

And lượt thích what you see now, just wait for what’s to come later this year…

and if that wasn’t enough…

A Peak at the Perks và Privileges

20 Complimentary High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes every week in our gym (members only)

10% discount at floral concierge Humid House

10% discount at atelier Stolen

10% discount at Clan Cafe & KIN

15% off best available rates at The Warehouse Hotel, a member of Design Hotels

15% off best available rates at all Unlisted Collection hotels worldwide Priority reservations & 15% off at Singapore’s leading lifestyle concepts: Loof, OverEasy, Tanjong Beach Club, The White Rabbit, The Blachồng Swan, Extra Virgin Pizza and Po