At Hungry for Music, our mission is putting quality musical instruments inlớn hungry hands. We serve children who demonstrate a desire to lớn learn music, as well as teachers who have sầu students willing lớn learn.quý khách hàng đã xem: Nhạc donate của king of war

In 27 years, we’ve sầu delivered more than 16,000 instruments lớn children in all 50 states and 32 countries.

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We believe that by sharing instruments & musical experiences, children who would not otherwise have sầu the opportunity can experience a kind of freedom và self-discovery that is often stifled in an atmosphere of economic hardship.


We invite you lớn watch the Clip & see the transformative sầu power of the gift of a musical instrument. We ask people và organizations lớn donate musical instruments lớn our tax-exempt organization & then we match the donated instruments with the countless requests we receive. See the miracle of music in action, transforming young hungry souls into inspired musicians.

We support parents who cannot afford the cost of renting or purchasing an instrument.We support music teachers và program directors who have sầu students unable lớn participate because of the cost.We tư vấn established, innovative community music programs that need support.We have sầu served more than 16,000 children in the past 27 years.




Cheông xã out a recent Nquảng bá interview with Hungry for Music Executive sầu Director Jeff Campbell. It was aired on NPR’s Morning Edition, hosted by Noel King, on October 19, 20trăng tròn. The brief interview also featured the director of the Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) và several band members. 

Hungry for Music donated over 1,000 music instruments in 2000, allowing many children to lớn have sầu an instrument while they were stuchồng at home page during the pandemic. We also collected an unprecedented amount of instrument donations, as many donors used their idle time at home lớn clean out their basements, attics, garages, và storage units. Through June of 2021, we have sầu distributed over 600 music instruments to programs in 25 states.

In 2019, we celebrated our 25th year of providing the gift of music lớn underserved children with a hunger khổng lồ play. We can’t wait to lớn cốt truyện the 25-year retrospective sầu with you!

We have sầu tentative plans khổng lồ kiông chồng off the Magic Music Bus Tour II in Fall 2021. Stay tuned!

To help with the tour, we’re seeking volunteers across the country lớn act as local/regional coordinators. If you have sầu time khổng lồ give và a desire lớn serve, please visit our Volunteer page.

If you would like khổng lồ get a more in-depth insight inkhổng lồ our mission, please check out our newsletter archive sầu and see what we’ve sầu been doing!

Like everyone, our plans were completely upended in 20trăng tròn due lớn the pandemic. But despite the change in plans, it was a year of opportunities, synchronithành phố, & growth.

Received a monumental donation of over 1,300 quality violins, violas, and cellos from The Strad Rental Company in Redding, CT & have sầu already distributed over 900 to lớn programs in over 30 states.
Forming partnerships with synergistic organizations enables more children to lớn benefit from our services. New partners include Successful, Inc. (Memphis) và Music For Life Alliance (Nashville).

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Enlisted artist Bud Wilkinson khổng lồ create "Tree of Harmony" in front of our main office in Mt. Jackson, VA with instruments that are no longer playable & that we are unable to lớn put in the dumpster.
Grateful for press mentions — NPR Morning Edition (with the Junior Appalachian Musicians) and AARP.. Magazine (Springsteen issue) — that led to lớn instruments being shipped khổng lồ us from all over the country.
The Hungry for Music outreach continues to lớn increase. We distributed a record 1,244 music instruments last year, supporting scores of school and after-school music programs.
With a 25-year history of organically growing with little institutional support,we are now receiving much-needed assistance. Peachtree House Foundation’s tư vấn has helped us double our outreach.
Children and teenagers continue to be our biggest supporters. Through community service projects all over the country, dedicated youth collect more than half of the instruments we distribute.
We opened up a new office and distribution center in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, about 90 minutes from the Washington, DC Metro area.
Hungry for Music was able to facilitate the donation of a $20,000 Lyon & Healy harp khổng lồ the Young Musician’s Foundation in Los Angeles from a donor in Thủ đô New York City. Read the complete magical story here.In partnership with D’Addario Foundation, we held successful instrument drives in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Music instruments were donated to lớn school and after-school music programs in those cities.

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For the third consecutive year, Hungry for Music held a week-long music instrument drive sầu at the Rochồng và Roll Hall of Fame that culminated with a Saturday concert featuring performances by Hungry for Music supported programs.
Reverb awarded Hungry for Music with 2,500 Reverb Bucks, allowing us lớn purchase music instruments và gear lớn fill requests that are not immediately in our inventory.