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One Piece: 10 Times Nami Deserved More Respect (But Went Unnoticed) Nami is a master navigator and one of the most important characters in One Piece, but some of her greatest feats have gone overlooked.

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One Piece Nami
Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, is one of the most important characters in all of One Piece. Along with Zoro and Luffy, she makes up the Romance Dawn trio of the crew, the three characters who Oda considers to be the core of the story. Unlike Luffy and Zoro, however, Nami doesn"t get enough credit simply because she isn"t as strong as them.

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Despite that, Nami has some of the very best moments in One Piece and has saved her crew on countless occasions, yet her contributions often go unnoticed.

One Piece Nami Bell-Mere
Nami was raised in Cocoyasi Village along with her sister, Nojiko, by Bell-mère. The family, although poor, lived quite a happy life until Arlong turned everything upside down.

Despite being a mere kid, Nami took the responsibility of the entire village on her shoulders and vowed to collect a hundred million Berries in order to free the village from Arlong"s tyranny. Not only did she risk her life on a daily basis, but she also joined those who caused her pain to keep them from harming the people in the village.

9 Nami Beat A Baroque Works Agent During The Arabasta Arc

Despite being considered to be one of the weakest members of the crew, Nami fought against Miss Doublefinger during the Arabasta arc and got the better of her. Being the partner of Mr. 1, it"s a given that Miss Doublefinger was among the strongest characters in the organization at the time — but that didn"t stop Nami from overcoming her during their fight. Unfortunately, Nami gets little credit for this fight which she so bravely won.

One Piece Nami
Nami"s most important role in the story is navigating the Straw Hat Pirates to their final destination, Laugh Tale. This is a task that Nami is more than ready for; she"s already the best navigator in the world.

Her understanding of the weather is beyond human comprehension, and during the Arabasta Saga, Vivi referred to Nami"s ability to sense the changes in the weather as a superhuman power that comes naturally to her. Without Nami, the Straw Hats would never reach Laugh Tale.

7 Nami Saved Sanji And Usopp During The Skypiea Arc

The Skypiea arc saw Sanji and Usopp fall very quickly, as they were unfortunate enough to come across Enel quite early in the war. But Nami decided to protect her two unconscious crewmates with her life and managed to hold off Hotori and Kotori on her own.

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Despite not being physically strong, she used an Impact Dial to protect her crew from harm at the cost of her own body. Had it not been for her, Sanji and Usopp could well have died.

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Nami was one of the first people to find out the truth about Nico Robin from Iceberg during the Water 7 arc. While Luffy and Zoro were defeated by the CP9, Nami made sure to gather everyone and launch a rescue operation. She motivated Luffy to save Robin when he was in peril and asked Chopper to look for Zoro. By saving Luffy and Zoro and telling them the truth about their crewmate, Nami paved way for the rescue of Nico Robin.

5 Nami Defeated A CP9 Member On Her Own During The Enies Lobby Arc

Nami might not have superhuman strength like Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji, but she has an incredible mind and uses her wits to get the better of those who stand in her way.

During the Enies Lobby arc, Nami fought Kalifa, one of the masters of the Rokushiki arts, and managed to defeat her with her usage of Clima-Tact and her understanding of weather. What"s more, Nami was far from done after beating Kalifa and continued to help others after concluding her own fight.

On the way to Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hat crew met Camie, a mermaid from Fish-Man Island, who ended up leading them to the island. Unfortunately, Camie was captured by the slavers on the island and set to be sold, like many other slaves in the Auction House.

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Nami, being the kind person that she is, decided to use all their money to get her back when everyone else was at the end of their wits. For Nami to readily give away her treasure showed how much she cared about Camie.

3 Nami Saved The Kids Of Punk Hazard From The Horrors Of Caesar

On Punk Hazard, the Straw Hat Pirates came across kids who were being experimented upon by Caesar. As expected, the kids were living through a tremendous amount of pain and suffering, which Nami couldn"t bear to see. Despite not knowing anything about them or whether they were truly victims, Nami decided to help them. Even the likes of Chopper and Franky were hesitant to rescue the kids, but for Nami, saving them was of the utmost importance.

The Fish-Man Island arc of One Piece dove deep into the legends of the fish-men race, Queen Otohime, and Fisher Tiger. Following Tiger"s death, the Sun Pirates couldn"t work together for long, and Jinbe"s eventual rise to Shichibukai forced Arlong against him.

While Jinbe was tasked with putting a stop to Arlong right there so he wouldn"t hurt humans, he chose to let Arlong walk free. Consequently, Arlong ravaged the East Blue and made Nami"s life miserable. Despite everything that Nami had to endure, she chose to forgive Jinbe and held hate only for Arlong.

1 Nami Earned The Weapon Of A Yonko In Wano Country

Nami stole Zeus, a thundercloud homie, from Big Mom during the Whole Cake Island arc of the story in typical fashion, and in the Wano Country arc, she made Zeus her partner permanently.

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After the latter was abandoned by Big Mom, it somehow fused with Nami"s Sorcery Clima-Tact and gave her a huge power-up. With its power, Nami became strong enough to take on Ulti, one of the members of the Tobiroppo, in battle and defeat her as well.

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