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There has been a movement towards more women going back lớn work while their children are still young.
the act or process of changing a situation or event, or of changing the way something happens or is done:
In contrast, the nonspatial characteristics of the target (such as its weight or function) are almost completely unlikely to change after the movement is planned.
Finally, planning will time the movement such that a sufficient period of time is available for the control system lớn operate.
These actions may induce movements in nominal stock returns that cancel out or taper off those induced by innovations in real activity or inflation.
The signs in front of the random variables represent the agents" movements in and out of each group.
khổng lồ reduce the risk of error of measurement due to lớn undetected eye movements, we preferentially sampled cells with receptive field outside the area centralis.
Because the cát has large receptive fields, these residual movements will seldom be consequential for visual physiology.
The mind is taught not khổng lồ direct the body, but khổng lồ be in a state of harmonious awareness parallel with the body"s natural movements.
We have applied the same idea to teaching music by arguing for body movement as a physical metaphor between musical activities & conceptual thinking.
This is a new synthesis technique that can generate sounds from slow movements of mechanical systems.
Every change in the number of droplets affects the movement of the remaining droplets immediately; the trajectories are non-smooth.
Previous events in a sequence influence outcomes & trajectories, but not necessarily by inducing further movement in the same direction.
Information pick-up from the global array is not sufficient without adequate exploratory movements và learning to support perceptually guided activity.
In their study, participants were required to lớn make fast movements lớn targets that either remained stationary or jumped lớn a new location.
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Các từ thường xuyên được áp dụng cùng với movement.

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The thick, almost vertical broken line indicates the boundary for observing, on the right side, the active movement of bacterial cells inside colonies.
More noteworthy than the schism itself was the relatively small growth of socialism and the survival of an influential anarchist movement.

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It was this early-push factor that drew anti-nuclear movement closer to lớn political opposition and paved the way for the latter one-sided dependent relationship.
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to arrange for something to happen or for someone to bởi vì something on a particular date or occasion, knowing that the arrangement might be changed later

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