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The state can no longer be seen as monolithic, but should rather be understood as a functional toàn thân that provides a series of services.
However, such implications normally involve sầu onsets versus codas, grouping all parameters involved in a segments" production as a monolithic whole.
We now present an algorithm lớn bởi vì depth first numbering of a graph, which constructs a single monolithic lazy array.
Although reference is made to the cultural embeddedness of corruption, this is not done in the name of any monolithic or determinist theory of culture.
Such an approach allows us to avoid assuming the prior existence of capitalism as an inevitable or monolithic social process.
The short answer is that the classical tradition is not monolithic : different philosophers give different answers.
Both implicitly contkết thúc that social structures are monolithic forces that necessarily pre-date social actions and establish the boundaries within which social interactions occur.
It is clear that the dominant discourses surrounding agriculture and natural resource management are not monolithic, và are subject khổng lồ change.
In terms of their political effect, fraternal societies have sầu usually (and fallaciously) been portrayed as monolithic entities.
Ideologies, in seeking lớn maximize determinacy, ayên ổn khổng lồ convert the inevitable variety of options inlớn the monolithic certainty of a political decision.
The result is that one is often left with a sense that regimes of neoliberal governance are in fact monolithic, singular và totalising.
It serves thereby to lớn qualify the assumption, too readily made, that the power of the jobber was absolute và monolithic.
The shtetl, commentators would insist, was no longer a monolithic entity, it came in a variety of sizes, with a variety of economic profiles.

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lớn shout something or make a loud noise, usually when you are angry, in pain, or excited

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