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By sampling the trained neural network, approximations of likelihoods were obtained for thiết kế variable values, and, consequently, constraint satisfaction problemsolving capability was achieved.
If likelihoods can be calculated for alternative models, then a likelihoodratio kiểm tra may be used to lớn discriminate between hypotheses.
In practice, approximate likelihoods may be used lớn replace full likelihoods that are computationally not feasible.
In decision-theoretic troubleshooting, costs & likelihoods are balanced in order to lớn find the next action.
However, this problem can be handled by implementing a sparse matrix khổng lồ represent these joint likelihoods.
If prior probabilities are irrelevant, that is equivalent to the comparison of likelihoods, but it may not be possible to lớn ignore them.
The triangles indicate the sum of likelihoods at the position of the candidates obtained from the real data.
The acceptance of the block proposal is verified by using the ratio of likelihoods evaluated at the new & current values, respectively.
The results are from a logistic regression analysis, with the coefficients converted by taking their exponential values so that they express the more comprehensible likelihoods.
Without inspection data, the system will compute equal likelihoods for the states of all component nodes.
Such indications might be included in the calculations of likelihoods, possibly with locus-dependent values.
The comparison is made along several dimensions; we examine the models in terms of their marginal likelihoods, forecasting performance, variance decompositions, và their transmission mechanisms of monetary policy.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng cùng với likelihood.

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Ideally, a programme would promote the method or methods with the greatest likelihood of success but family planning involves considerations that are personal và social as well as biological.
I do not see any great likelihood of three men with their amount of knowledge & experience behind them doing otherwise.

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Those forms with a high likelihood of being recalled by most speakers will not be very susceptible khổng lồ analogical pressure.
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a programme that is made to introduce a new radio or television series và test how popular it is

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