One newcomer red blood cell just wants lớn do her job. Between bacteria incursions & meeting a certain white blood cell, she's got a lot to learn!


The Red Blood Cell's delivery schedule is interrupted by invading pneumococci bacteria. After a White Blood Cell rescues her, she gets a surprise.

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A scrape puts a major dent in the Red Blood Cell's job, but she gets to lớn meet the White Blood Cell again as he fights the invading bacteria & viruses.


The White Blood Cell meets a Naive T Cell who's scared of the invading influenza virut. Luckily the Macrophage and Killer T Cells are there!


When a bacteria appears near the stomach wall, White Blood Cell rushes lớn the scene. Eosinophil is already there, but she isn't powerful enough.

It's cedar pollen season, and allergens are invading. As the Mast Cell produces histamines, the Memory T Cell insists the worst is yet lớn come.

Red Blood Cell recalls her past as a young Erythoblast in the red bone marrow. Always getting lost even then, a certain Myelocyte once helped her out.

NK Cell calls a comtháng cell's bluff: turns out he’s Cancer Cell bent on spreading through the body toàn thân via unchecked cellular proliferation. This means war!

Red Blood Cell wants to lớn make it through the circulatory system all by herself, though she keeps getting lost. White Blood Cell keeps an eye on her.

The Helper T Cell & the Killer T Cell seem lượt thích polar opposites, but long ago in the thymus, they were both just young T cells with a lot to lớn learn.

After a Monocyte rescues Red Blood Cell from a germ, she heads khổng lồ the nasal cavity for a warm bath -- just in time for a Staphylococcus Aureus attack!

Red Blood Cell heads lớn the epidermis khổng lồ cool the body toàn thân. As heat stroke symptoms worsen, White Blood Cell struggles lớn fight invading bacillus cereus.

Red Blood Cell gets her very own rookie to train, but her nerves make her even more inefficient. When a crisis strikes, however, she knows her job.

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As hemorrhagic shochồng continues, the number of red blood cells decreases. Red Blood Cell và her rookie continue their job, but it may be too late.

New cells, new bacteria, new viruses. The Red Blood Cell and her colleagues are hard at work keeping the body healthy. A cell’s work is never done!

One day, while busy wiping out germs in the toàn thân, a White Blood Cell meets a platelet with its hat on backwards.

Memory Cell doesn’t recognize the creepy vi khuẩn overwhelming the body’s immune system. Then, a Campylobacter holds an intestinal epithelial cell hostage.

Mosquitos pierce the epidermis & leave sầu behind a virus that infects the Langerhans cells. White Blood Cell 1146 comes across a badly inflamed pimple.

A normal cell sees an adorable brood of baby bacteria và ends up taking them home. Luckily, they turn out to lớn be lactic acid bacteria — the good kind!

The normal cell desperately searches for the missing baby lactic acid bacteria while the body giao dịch with an aggressive influenza virus attack.

The normal cell travels to the large intestine lớn drop off the lactic acid bacteria, only to lớn find it's overrun with bad bacteria.

Regulatory T cell stops an attaông chồng on a cancer cell, explaining that it isn’t an invasive sầu outsider but rather a cell produced by the toàn thân itself.

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Just when things seem hopeless for the immune cells, the memory T cell attacks the cancer cell with a powerful Perforin Cannon Punch.

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