The board approved Wednesday the issuance of revenue bonds to fund $250 million in capital improvement projects.

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stock/bond issuance The firm plans khổng lồ raise at least $500 million through a bond issuance denominated in dollars.
The issuance of ngân hàng money provided an important source of funds in tư vấn of bank lending operations.
On the other h&, they can initiate a lengthy separation procedure through the issuance of an exogenously set advance notice.
By the early 1980s, cross-border flows of capital had reached enormous volumes, & issuance & trading of securities on international markets burgeoned.
One option is khổng lồ allocate revenues from bond issuances khổng lồ the repayment of other debt (with higher yields) or investments in liquid financial assets.
This is not an issue if the public pension system only manages the accumulation phase and then outsources the issuance of annuities.
The public was overenthusiastic about the lottery sale which resulted in its first issuance of six million tickets sold within three days.
Prosecution and issuance of corrective orders to lớn non-compliance enterprises are thus the order of the day.
In addition, we assume a record-keeping technology in the organized markets so that issuance & redemption of private liabilities by merchants is possible.
Periodiđô thị, diurnal rhythm và ecoxúc tích và ngắn gọn factors influencing the rate of issuance of cercariae from mollusc hosts.
It is a state-owned corporation charged with epidemiological research, issuance of guidelines, & approval of new và experimental treatments.
The issuance of this "press note" could hardly escape the suspicion that the government was trying lớn buy time without in fact making any effort lớn resolve the problem.
One possibility khổng lồ solve sầu this problem is to trade a portion of the bonds from the beginning or, even better, khổng lồ have a parallel issuance from the start.
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khổng lồ dress as and pretend khổng lồ be a character from a film, TV programme, comic book etc., as a hobby

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