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It was an inferno "of such jargon, & continued dissonance" that he doubted if anything fine could ever emerge from it.
The objection to the apparently compulsive sầu use of such phrases as "raging inferno" and "death toll" is precisely that they may have lost their impact by constant use.
There were people trapped inside the twin towers who found temporary respite in the floors above the blazing inferno.
People clamber over seats; they will bởi vì anything to lớn get away from the inferno that is so quickly produced inside the airliner"s cabin.
The inferno of noise in summer is so great that it is not only people who are disturbed in their homes.
The argument we must face tonight is whether these regulations will allow people khổng lồ get out of that inferno.
It burst into flames, with the screaming aircrew unable to lớn escape the inferno, except for one who was thrown out as the fuselage split open.
I thought that nothing could survive sầu such an inferno—that everything would be vaporised, neutralised và made safe.
If we are to lớn drag victory from this frightful inferno all our resources and all our organising capacity must be devoted to it without let or hindrance.
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