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trò chơi introduces Kamen Rider Fighting series as the playable character.This version of game introduces Kamen Rider Fighting series as the playable character. A new gameplay introduces in this games such as Freerun System, Super Heroes Mode, Rider Arts and more.Combat in the game operates on a basic three-button system, encompassing Weak Attacks, Strong Attacks, và Special Attacks (such as the various Rider Kicks). In addition, many Riders have sầu the ability khổng lồ perform a Form Change once the Rider Gauge at the bottom of the screen fills by dealing or receiving damage, or by charging the meter. Form Change can be used as a counterattaông chồng or lớn extkết thúc combos. A number of Riders also have sầu the ability to lớn summon Strikers, such as Ryuki's Contract Monster Dragredder or Den-O's DenLiner. Also, each Rider has a chất lượng finisher called 'Rider Finale'. This attaông xã can only be activated when the 'Rider Gauge' is full và the R2 button is pressed.Rider Arts is special types of attack that consume player gauge.

Each characters' Riders Arts are different và each of them have certain combination of buttons needed to lớn activate the moveThis game contains some changes in controls system. Player is able khổng lồ roam freely by using the D-PAD lớn move around, with up lớn go near the enemy or down khổng lồ decrease the distance.

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Buttons such as Triangle (△) now functions as JUMP. button while the finishers only be accessed by pressing Square (□) + X. Dash and Rider Cancel (while doing combos) via the R BUTTON, while the L BUTTON will activate the Rider Art. Meanwhile, the SELECT button will charge the player gaugeIn Decade Mode, the player follows Tsukasa Kadoya's journey through nine Heisei Kamen Rider worlds as Kamen Rider Decade, fighting the other Riders and attempting to prevent the destruction of the worlds. Decade Mode differs from standard gameplay in that Decade's Form Change và Special Attacks are customizable with KamenRide Cards & Final FormRide Cards earned as the player progresses. The missions in the mode are divided by three levels, with the easiest missions can be played in Level 1 while the hardest can be found in Level 3. Level 2 and 3 can be unlocked as the player progress in Level 1.