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Health (H), Safety (S), Security(S), Environment (E) are disciplines about implementing environmental protection & safety at construction sites. In simple terms, it is what construction organizations must vày khổng lồ make sure that their activities vì chưng not cause harm khổng lồ workers & the environment.

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First of all, the safety aspect identifies workplace hazards & reduces accidents & harmful substances. It also includes training of personnel in accident prevention, accident response, emergency preparation và use of protective clothing and equipment.

Secondly, the health aspect includes safe, high quality, and environmentally friendly processes lớn prsự kiện or reduce the risk of harm lớn people such as drug & alcohol policy.

Thirdly, with the security aspect, every construction site is different in location, environmental factors and needs, but in order to guarantee security, there are common factors for fundamental security such as physical security, operational security & changes across each phase of work.

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Finally, the environmental aspect involves creating a systematic approach lớn comply with environmental regulations, such as managing waste to help sites reduce carbon or no smoking policy for workers.

For vhpi.vn, Health, Safety, Security và Environment (HSSE) standards are fundamental to all that we have done. Every individual in vhpi.vn, whatever his or her responsibilities, is trained lớn underst& the importance of HSSE và to take personal responsibility for it. Health & safety are particularly focused in our site operations where we apply a series of measures. Our company always has project specific HSSE plan for each project site. We assigned a competent senior manager who is responsible for establishing và maintaining chất lượng process khổng lồ ensure compliance of administrative sầu and operational procedures. Everyone is given health và safety briefings in weekly meetings. Hazard management is our svào focus, everyone working on vhpi.vn construction sites has an obligation khổng lồ stop unsafe acts. Our engineers have received trainings & Health và Safety Management certifications. Only assigned personnel are allowed in some certain working areas & operate high-voltage equipment, etc.

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In order lớn fulfill social responsibility and achieve continued pursuit of profits, vhpi.vn is committed to lớn provide a safe, secure & healthy working environment, protect the environment. We have sầu developed a Principle for Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) which ensures that each department of vhpi.vn works with high standards for health care, safety, security và environmental protection. We promote awareness of HSSE working practices for all employees even freshman, contractors and associates who come in contact with our business in every MEP.. projects with HSSE lớn create high chất lượng projects for customers.