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SHANGHAI, SHANGHAI, CHINA, December 22, năm ngoái /EINPresswire.com/ -- An enchanted world of hundreds of critters awaits the brave! Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 2.0.0 has just been released by Haypi Co., Ltd. This is a big update khổng lồ this fascinating MMO. There are many new features that aim to lớn become fans’ favorites. The developer Haypi once again proved lớn be extremely creative và caring towards their game thủ fans. The long-awaited League feature is available in Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 2.0.0 for the first time. This cool innovation is probably the most exciting part about the new update. Players on Floor 3 or above can find a league to lớn join, which will allow further multi-player interaction. A League can consist of players from different floors. Khổng lồ encourage better team-spirit, Haypi has also introduced a new chat room for conversations among the league. League fund is cost in League upgrade và research. Fund comes from members’ offering và League activity. Besides, Offerings will be gained when the bạn offers money to lớn the League or participates in League activity. This feature is exciting, because each player can use his Offerings to buy items in League Merchant. The League level dictates the member count limit, variety of items available with the merchant. The higher the cấp độ is, the higher the limit. The Members can make contributions to the League, và being in the League will help them a lot. It’s an Amazing magical world of critters & tamers. Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 2.0.0 now brings about a new activity - the Rift Quest! This is a wonderful new activity related to lớn the newly added League feature. In fact, the Rift Quest is a League PVE. It can only be opened by League Captain. All the members can access it from the main screen.

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Challenge in the Rift Quest is rewarded equal amount of league fund & Offerings. These activities are only available for the League members. There are also some general optimizations which make Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 2.0.0 much smoother. The game play is enriched with a New bản đồ – the challenging Desolate Desert, available only in Expert Mode, WITHOUT Normal Mode & Veteran Mode. Desolate Desert-5 Expert Mode can provide the players with Legendary Fragments for the newly added super powerful quái dị Icycro. These Fragments can be exchanged for the actual boss in the magical Shop. With the new update, more new monsters are unveiled and new talents can be studied. In the new version of Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower, there are some adjustments which contribute khổng lồ the fairness of the gameplay. To name a few: Drop chance for epic scrolls and Legend Fragments are higher. Difficulty of Levels in Expert Mode from Frozen Cavern-1 is lower. Energy needed in cấp độ of Veteran Mode and Expert Mode has decreased lớn 12, except for some levels with thành phầm drop. Energy needed in daily Team Mode is decreased to lớn 40. While that of the special opened Team Mode is unchanged. Last not least, the Map-choosing interface is given a new look. When it comes lớn leveling up, now gamers are more likely lớn get more money as rewards for completing daily tasks. However the Master Points are harder to be obtained. The amusing Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower has won the hearts of millions players all over the world. Now the newest patch 2.0.0 is available for free download from the AppStore. Haypi Co., Ltd is a devoted developer of MMOs with tons of multi-player interaction.

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