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Abductive sầu thinking is a skill crucial for Design thinkers. It refers lớn being able khổng lồ stay analytical & emphatic, rational and emotional, methodical & intuitive, oriented by plans và constraints, but spontaneous at the same time (Tschimmel 2012,3). We practiced our best capability in abductive thinking in a two-day workcửa hàng with Katja Tschimmel, learning a process for Design Thinking called E6 developed in her company Mindshake.

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Trust the Process – There Will Be One Solution at the End!

As facilitator I have worked quite a while with enabling better collaboration in teams. In the workcửa hàng I paid special attention to lớn the process of divergent và convergent thinking, which is very important in creating new ideas – divergent meaning the space where we create new ideas và convergent the space where we make decisions và prioritize on the ideas. Tlặng Brown (2009, 68), explains that as thiết kế thinker it is important khổng lồ have sầu the rhythm of divergent & convergent spaces, & with each iteration arrive sầu at a result that is less broad và more detailed than the previous iterations.

I have sầu worked with the Double Diamond process for quite a while, and I was fascinated about the cấp độ nuance in the Tschimmel’s E6 process in regards of convergence và divergence, which in this process were simply not only seen as phases in the process but as qualities of the different tools. I found this approach allowed for a very in-depth process.

The Classical Double Diamond Mã Sản Phẩm – only two iterations with divergence/convergence.

I liked how different forms of prototyping were present in different phases of the process, not only at the over, và how prototyping could also be a generative, divergent tool for expanding on the idea. In our group I noticed very clearly the value of our prototype in not only showcasing the consept, but also in expanding the idea, by working with our hands & thinking at the same time.


Our first prototype allowed for lots of discussion và expanding on the idea.

Better brainstorming is what every creative sầu team needs

Some more detailed observations in regards lớn creativity were Katja Tschimmel’s instructions khổng lồ brainstorming, which I found great. Often the problem with brainstorming is that ideas have sầu a very different level of detail: some are on very high level và vague, others very specific & almost ready concepts.

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Often the problem in the Double Diamond method is that we tend to loose the more detailed ideas in the process of clustering ideas under bigger headlines. But in the Mindshake process the vague ideas were developed further and semantically confronted with other ideas khổng lồ have more detail.

I noticed that we did not end up in the famous Groan Zone, which lies somewhere between the convergent & divergent zones of process, where the group experiences feelings cthảm bại lớn despair and has a very hard time finding their way forwards in the process. Even if some facilitators claim that Groan Zone is natural appearance in every process và can indeed produce some of the best solutions, I as facilitator try khổng lồ minimize it in the processes I facilitate, since I feel that with the right tools the groups can often avoid it.

I think that the reason why the process felt easy was the fluctuation between divergent and convergent – in most cases people feel at ease on one area of the process but not the other, and now they were allowed to lớn find their comfort zone in many phases of the process.

I still think I have sầu some personal journey ahead to lớn become a full Abductive sầu Design Thinker, but this worksiêu thị was a great start on the path of creativity và collaboration.


Brown, T. 2009. Change by Design. New York: Harper Collins Publishers.

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Tschimmel, K. 2012. Design Thinking as an effective Toolkit for Innovation. In:Proceedings of the XXIII ISPIM Conference: Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience. Barcelona.