God Of War Iii


Just recently, it became known that thanks to the painstaking work & titanic efforts of the RPCS3 developers, one of the best exclusives on the PlayStation 3 console almost got the “playable” status. If your system unit has a sufficiently nimble multi-core processor, then in general, you already have the opportunity lớn evaluate the performance of God of War 3.

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First & foremost, make sure that the version of your copy of God of War 3 is 1.03 – the only one suitable for adequate emulation.

Second & just as important – check the version of your emulator: it must be at least RPCS3 v0.0.12-108đôi mươi Altrộn | HEAD (main branch). Update as needed. If your version is much higher, you probably won’t need some settings.

Try to lớn play the game without further changes. It may also happen that with the settings below, the game will refuse to start at all. If so, please let us know in the comments khổng lồ this post, & I will try khổng lồ update this guide as soon as possible.

And the third thing: at the moment, after launching the God of War 3 project on the RPCS3 emulator, the game can take an extremely long time lớn load – it literally gets stuck on a blaông xã screen after the Santa Monica hình ảnh sản phẩm. To this, the emulator developers say that in the current realities of RPCS3 this game behavior is quite a normal situation, it is almost impossible to lớn fix it now and it is worth getting used khổng lồ because such downloads can last 5-10 minutes.

Also, keep in mind that this title has not yet received the “Playable” status. Therefore, no one will give you guarantees that you will be able to complete the game until the kết thúc without catching some critical bug.

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You can tải về the lademo version of the emulator on the official website of the developers.

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Let’s move sầu to lớn the configuration settings.

Start the emulator and right-click on the “God of War 3” inhỏ, then select “Change Custom Configuration“:

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With the arrival of the new version of the emulator, nothing really needs to lớn be touched in the “CPU” tab (but if you have an old processor, or you have sầu problems loading the game, then changing the “SPU Block Size” parameter from “Safe “on” Mega “).An exception may be the presence of an AMD Ryzen chip. Then you should activate the “Enable thread scheduler” setting & also “play around” with changing the “SPU Block Size” parameter from “Safe” lớn “Mega“.

Unfortunately, we currently vì not have AMD Ryzen processors available, so I will not be able to tell you in detail about their thiết đặt.


Next, go to lớn the GPU tab & change the Renderer parameter from OpenGL to lớn Vulkan. Change the “Framelimit” parameter from “Auto” to lớn “60“, “Anisotropic filter” from “Auto” khổng lồ “16“, turn off “Anti-Aliasing” và be sure to kiểm tra the box next khổng lồ “Write màu sắc Buffers“:


Next, go to the “Advanced” tab và move the “Driver Wake-Up Delay” slider to lớn “100” (it can add stability và reduce the number of crashes, but it can also harm – remix the value to the base value if something goes wrong after changing it So):


We are done with the basic settings. Now let’s move sầu on lớn activating the patch that disables MLAA anti-aliasing processing on the CPU. You can find out how khổng lồ install patches on the RPCS3 emulator in our separate article, & we will move on to lớn activate it.

If you don’t have sầu a new patch yet, you can tải về it from our server:


In the top thực đơn of the emulator, select “Manage” then “Game Patches“:

Next, find out which version of the disk (the most comtháng BCES00510) is right for you:

Exp& it and put two checkmarks in front of the “Disable MLAA” và “Disable SPU MLAA” parameters:

If you are not sure about something, then simply expvà all available versions of God of War 3 discs & check the boxes next lớn each parameter “Disable MLAA” and “Disable SPU MLAA“. Don’t worry – it won’t get any worse.

This completes the configuration of the RPCS3 emulator for the game God of War 3. If your hardware is powerful enough (processor bộ vi xử lý Core i7-8700K / Ryzen 7 3700X or even better: Chip Core i9-9900K/Core i7-10700K/Ryzen 7 3800X), then you can quite count on 30-45 frames per second:

Test the above sầu settings and describe the results in the comments, as well as ask your questions.

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In addition, I have sầu plans khổng lồ kiểm tra hardware in RPCS3. If you are interested in the result of detailed tests of processors in emulation of this game, please tóm tắt your opinion on this in the comments below.