get ahead

1. To move ahead of someone or something. Get ahead of this guy, he"s driving too slow.2. To progress or advance in some aspect of life. If this project goes well, it could really help me to lớn get ahead at work.3. To save some money. I have so many expenses right now that I just can"t ever seem to lớn get ahead.4. To best or outshine someone or something. I"ve sầu been working really hard to get ahead of my competition for valedictorian.5. To take preemptive action before something is revealed or becomes well-known. We need to lớn get ahead of this scandal before it breaks lớn the public.See also: ahead, get

get ahead (in something)

to lớn advance in one"s employment, school, or life in general. I work hard every day, but I can"t seem to lớn get ahead in my job. I want to lớn get ahead in life.See also: ahead, get

get ahead

1. Succeed or make progress, especially in one"s career or in society. For example, She put in many hours of overtime in order khổng lồ get ahead. 2. Save sầu a little money, as in After we settle the hospital bill, we hope khổng lồ get ahead enough to buy a new oto. 3. get ahead of. Move sầu in front of, as in I got ahead of her in line. 4. get ahead of. Outvị, surpass, as in We were determined khổng lồ get ahead of the competition. Also see ahead of the game. See also: ahead, get

get ahead

v.1. To come khổng lồ a position in front of or in advance of something or someone: We tried to get ahead of the heavy traffic by taking a shortcut.2. To make progress with something or advance in something, especially a career, income, or chất lượng of life: I took a second job to get ahead & was able to lớn save up enough money to buy a house.See also: ahead, getSee also:

get ahead

make progress, succeed Do you want khổng lồ get ahead in this world? Do you want lớn succeed?

get ahead of

1.obtain a position in front of;get in advance of走在…前面;领先;提前Only hard work can get you ahead of your competitors.只有努力工作才能使你走在你的竞争者的前面。The oto behind wants to lớn get ahead of you.后面那辆车想起你的车。If I told you the end now, I would get ahead of myself in the stors.我如果把结局现在就告诉你,我将提前结束我的故事。2.surpass胜过;超过He gets ahead of me in mathematics.他的数学比我好。We are sure to lớn get ahead of them in the near future.我们确信不久就会超过他们。Tom has got ahead of all the others in the class.汤姆已经胜过了班上所有其他同学。She got ahead of me this test.在这次考试中她的名次在我前面。

get ahead|get

v. 1. informal To become successful. Mr. Brown was a good lawyer và soon began lớn get ahead. The person with a good education finds it easier to lớn get ahead. 2. To be able to lớn save money; get out of debt. In a few more years he will be able to get ahead. After Father pays all the doctor bills, maybe we can get a little money ahead and buy a oto.

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