Learning lớn play piano is the ultimate Clip game. Think about it for a moment. You are the main character. You start at the beginning of an epic journey, with limited skills & resources. Your character is not very agile and does not know very much of the possibilities of the world.

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As you practice, & encounter more of the world of music, your skills develop more and more. Then you come to lớn the first trùm of the first level. Maybe that means a challenging piece, a difficult scale, or your first performance. You win the cấp độ & you walk away feeling confident & empowered in your new abilities and excited to lớn continue your journey through music.

Taking this game-lượt thích approach khổng lồ learning music will make your practice time much more exciting & relatable. If you are a parent, you can impress this sort of mythological aspect of the journey-game onto lớn your kids và it will empower them to see the connections between the games they enjoy & their own lives!

Speaking of games, vhpi.vn Premium offers many fun & interactive sầu ways to engage with music quickly! With hundreds of lessons that are designed lớn be both challenging và fun, vhpi.vn sầu is a simple way to bring a little music inlớn your life. Cheông xã it out if you are interested and see how much fun it is to lớn learn piano!

Fun digital games for piano learning

Functional ear trainer

Digital giải pháp công nghệ is great for learning music. The simplithành phố of a phone phầm mềm has opened doors to practice many specific aspects of music in a convenient setting. One example of this is the app Function Ear Trainer available from Google and Apple. The Functional Ear Trainer is a fun game that helps build ear training skills. By starting small, the phầm mềm progressively builds your skills until you can identify almost any note. The skill of functional ear training means that you will learn how to hear pitches as they relate to functional situations, which is extremely beneficial if you actually wish lớn use your skills for anything! This is a great tool khổng lồ use in conjunction with beginner piano lessons & is an effective sầu way to lớn incorporate a little taste of gameplay inkhổng lồ your piano practice.

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Have you heard of synesthesia before? Synesthesia is the experience of seeing particular colors in association with sounds. Many great composers have experienced synesthesia as well as regular people with no particular interest in composing. However, there is a great game on YouTube now called Synesthesia. These games have sầu taken a cue from the popular Clip game “Guitar Hero” & turned piano practice into lớn a fun & interactive activity that is simultaneously extremely beneficial for learning lớn play piano! Essentially you watch the notes descover from the top of the screen to where they hit the piano keys & you match those notes with your fingers. Easy và fun!

Chrome music lab

Chrome Music Lab is a không tính tiền & openly accessible project from Google that “makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.” Chrome Music Lab currently contains 14 games, or experiments as they are called, designed to lớn unleash creativity in various regions of the musical universe. For example, there are games on composing chord progressions và melodies, learning to identify rhythms, examining và understanding different sound waves và oscillators, & understanding how a MIDI piano roll works. Sounds lượt thích a lot of fun!

Analog games for learning piano

Certainly, you don’t always have sầu access to lớn digital devices when you are practicing piano. Or, maybe having your phone nearby is too much of a distraction and you end up scrolling through the mạng internet instead of practicing. So here are a few ideas for piano games you can play without a digital device.

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Play the name game

How many letters are in the musical alphabet? There are seven letters in the musical alphabet: A – B – C – D – E – F – G. How many words can you spell with those letters? Start brainstorming!


Eddie Bond is a multi-instrumentacác mục performer, composer, and music instructor currently based in Seattle, Washington USA. He has performed extensively in the US, Canadomain authority, Argentina, và China, released over 40 albums, & has over a decade experience working with music students of all ages and ability levels.