Game Ai Là Triệu Phú

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Ai La Trieu Phu 2020
5.0/5 (56 votes)

Ai La Trieu Phu 2020 MOD app android 2.2.0, không tính phí Millionaire Millionaire 2020 - Reading Questions 」is an intellectual game, multiple choice quiz based on the Whohow is Millionaire gamehow on VTV3, the trò chơi with sound by MC Lai Van Sam hosted the program, read the questions and answered four options that promise to lớn bring players the experience of sitting on a hot seat. Some key features MC MC Lai Van Sam reads the question và 4 answers , the player will have lớn choose the most correct answer within 30 seconds✔ Simulating 99% real-life simulations , players will feel lượt thích being on the hot seat of the Ai La Millionaire program✔ Thousands of diverse, non-repeatable questions are constantly updated to lớn increase the players" knowledge và understanding of Vietnam and the World.✔ Players can use the help rights: • 50/50 (remove 2 wrong answers) • hotline relatives • Consult the audience in the studio • Ask the on-site consultant team: When a player passes question 5✔ Save lives when losing an unlimited number of times : When losing, players can optionally view a short ad khổng lồ save themselves from losing to lớn continue playing✔ Save player achievements according to lớn total amount received, highest sentence, total number of passed sentences, time to answer questions