Fund là gì

informal "Can I borrow £50?" "I"m a little short of/low on funds (= I have little money) at the moment".

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sufficient/insufficient funds Experts have criticized the Government for committing insufficient funds khổng lồ the state pension.
Fears continue to lớn grow that the Government"s bailout will not be enough lớn fund the industry"s recovery.

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The remaining funds of (1xb) must be invested in the riskless asset to ensure that the total position is riskless.
This research falls under two main themes (i) assessing the societal value of orphan drugs và (ii) funding the development & use of orphan drugs.
This is good both for the researchers themselves (who thereby develop their common sense) và for the possibilities for the institute khổng lồ get research funds.
Given the continual shortages of funds lớn meet its budget the government is unlikely to lớn consider a halt to logging.
Apparently, these types of pension funds are able to manage their investment more efficiently than the other categories : industry funds have lower costs.
Older women"s more limited access to retirement funds is, however, mitigated among those whose spouses were government workers, because typically they giới thiệu the benefits.
Perhaps this is because higher taxes are often used to fund a higher màn chơi of desirable government services, leaving citizens equally well or better off.
Some variation in funds between financial years was possible, và as a result there was a 3-month extension.
A lack of data has forced this research to defer any examination of the types of investments into which funds are placed.
It is only reasonable to lớn require an investment to yield a return at least as high as that on the alternative use of funds.
We hypothesize an explanation in terms of the idiosyncratic & systematic factors associated with differences in portfolio composition, demographics, và fund operation.
We treat corporate pension funds và industry-wide pension funds together due khổng lồ their similar nature.
The private sector scheme is managed by private pension institutions : insurance companies, corporate pension funds, industry-wide pension funds, & other statutory pension providers.
The guidelines contain 12 fundamental principles & aim at setting international standards for the governance of corporate pension funds.
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Các từ hay được thực hiện cùng cùng với fund.

Developmental states controlled national financial systems và allocated funds lớn industrial exporters at subsidized rates.
The initial amount of the borrowed funds (the present value) is less than the total amount of money paid khổng lồ the lender.

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Save it for their children"s college fund & maybe make some interest & let someone else from the local bank be able to borrow it for a home.
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