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Export (Econ) Xuất khẩu, sản phẩm xuất khẩu.

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+ Một mặt hàng hoá hoặc dịch vụ chế tạo tại một nước được buôn bán với tiêu dùng nghỉ ngơi nước không giống. Xuất khẩu hữu hình là xuất khẩu hàng hoá, còn xuất khẩu vô hình là xuất khẩu hình thức cho những người ngơi nghỉ nước khác cài đặt.
export /"ekspɔ:t/ danh từ
mặt hàng xuất khẩu; (số nhiều) khối lượng mặt hàng xuất khẩu sự xuất khẩu (định ngữ) xuất khẩuexport duty: thuế xuất khẩusự xuất khẩuxuất khẩuexport duty: thuế xuất khẩuexport kerosene: dầu hỏa xuất khẩuexport oil: dầu xuất khẩuexport packaging: bao bì xuất khẩuexport packaging: bao gió xuất khẩuvoluntary export: xuất khẩu tự nguyệnLĩnh vực: xây dựngmặt hàng xuất khẩuLĩnh vực: tân oán và tinxuất cảngexport (vs)xuấtexport filterbộ thanh lọc xuấtexport filtercông tác lọc xuấtexport processing zonekhu chế suấttemporary exportlâm thời xuấtlớn exportxuất dữ liệu o sự xuất khẩu; mặt hàng xuất khẩu



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Từ điển Collocation

export noun

ADJ. important, main, major, principal, staple Coconut is one of the staple exports of the islands. | record The industry has achieved record exports in the past year. | total In 2001 total exports were valued at $2 billion. | British, US, etc. | world The US chia sẻ of world exports has declined. | illegal, illicit stopping the illegal export of live animals | live sầu lambs for live sầu export | invisible Earnings from the sale of banking, insurance and other services to lớn foreigners are described as ‘invisible exports’. | capital, commodity | agricultural, industrial, manufactured, manufacturing | arms, art, banamãng cầu, beef, coal, coffee, food, grain, oil, timber, etc.

QUANT. level, value, volume

VERB + EXPORT boost, encourage, exp&, increase, promote | reduce, restrict plans to lớn restrict the export of arms to lớn certain countries | allow | ban, prohibit | achieve | prevent, stop | await yards where thousands of cars await export

EXPORT + VERB grow, increase, rise Oil exports have risen steadily. | drop, fall | be valued at sth, total sth Exports totalled $10 billion in 2002. | trương mục for sth Oil exports tài khoản for nearly 80% of the country"s foreign earnings. | be destined for sth Scottish exports destined for Western Europe

EXPORT + NOUN crop, goods | business, industry, trade | market, sector | earnings, revenue, sales | figures, performance a svào export performance | growth | controls, licence, quota, restrictions a hotline for tougher art export controls | ban an export ban on live sầu cattle | drive the export drive by Japanese industry | order how to win more export orders

PREP.. for ~ This is where the fruit is packaged for export. | ~ from exports from the EU to Canada | ~ to lớn

PHRASES a ban on exports to place a ban on exports of toxic waste | a decline/fall in exports, an increase/a rise in exports More information about PER CENT
FINANCIAL: indicators ~ be down/up
With the nội dung price down at 234p, it might be time khổng lồ start buying. The CAC index was up 18.84 points.

~ reach sth, st& at sth Consumer confidence reached a 30-year high. Second quarter sales stood at £ 18 billion.

~ be/remain unchanged The 100 Share Index remained unchanged at 5297.

~ gain (sth) The giới thiệu gained 19 cents to lớn cthất bại at 4.38.

~ suffer (sth) Profit margins suffered when the company lowered prices lớn remain competitive sầu.

~ climb, edge up, go up, increase ( ~ increase in value for currencies), jump, rise, rocket, shoot up, skyrocket, soar (+ by, from, khổng lồ or no preposition) Earnings per nội dung climbed from 3.5p to lớn 5.1p. The pound has increased in value relative sầu to the lỗi. Profits have sầu shot up by a staggering 25%. Oil prices have skyrocketed.

~ come/go down, crash, decline, decrease ( ~ decrease in value for currencies), dive sầu, drop, fall, plummet, plunge, shrink, slip, slump (+ by, from, to lớn or no preposition) Banana exports crashed nearly một nửa. The pound fell lớn a 14-year low against the dollar. Net income plummeted to lớn USD 3.7 million.

Từ điển WordNet


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sell or transfer abroad

we export less than we import & have a negative sầu trade balance

cause to lớn spread in another part of the world

The Russians exported Marxism khổng lồ Africa

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

vb. To move sầu information from one system or program khổng lồ another. Files that consist only of text can be exported in ASCII (plain text format). For files with graphics, however, the receiving system or program must offer some tư vấn for the exported file’s format. See also EPS, PICT, TIFF. Compare import.n. In NFS, a file or folder made available to lớn other network computers using the NFS mount protocol. See also NFS.

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Investopedia Financial Terms

A function of international trade whereby goods produced in one country are shipped khổng lồ another country for future sale or trade. The sale of such goods adds khổng lồ the producing nation"s gross output. If used for trade, exports areexchanged for other products or services. Exports are one of the oldest forms of economic transfer, và occur on a large scale between nations that have sầu fewer restrictions on trade, such as tariffs or subsidies.
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