Doraemon’s Story of Seasons is a simulation đoạn Clip game from the genre of role-playing. It was released for Microsoft Windows & Nintenvì Switch which is considered as a crossover of Story of Seasons’ entire gaming series of the đoạn phim games as well as the franchise of Doraetháng. The game is created by the Brownies and the marvelous and the publisher was Bandai Namco Entertainment. The release of this title marked the initial release of a Doraetháng game title to an audience of western origin. 

The game was launched on 13th June 2019 in nhật bản & all over the world on 11th October 2019. For PS4, the game was launched on 30th July 20đôi mươi in nhật bản & globally on 4th September 20đôi mươi. 

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What is the game about?

After the mysterious plantation of a seed by Nobita, Doraemon along with his friends get transported lớn a different world, in a place known as Shizen Town. In the process, Doraetháng lost all of his secret gadgets which can help hlặng in return. Towards the end, they can decide khổng lồ stay in the Shizen Town in trying lớn look for a way for getting baông chồng to their primary world. Lunch, who is a resident of the Shizen Town lends Nobita one of his farms in the town where he can stay. 

There is a chạy thử of this game which can be downloaded easily & it lets the users play till a specific date where it will present a pop-up showing Thanks for playing. Just the very beginning part of the game is full of compromises & the rest of the game can be played till that particular date. 


The game is a combination of the different elements of farming simulation related to the series of Story of Seasons and the popular characters as long as the private gadgets from the series of Doraemon games.

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The player has to lớn keep playing as Nobita và take part in different farm-based activities like plowing the field for growing crops, take care of sheep và cattle, and much more. The game includes a fishing system too, a house decorating system, a capturing and collecting system of insects, festivals, and holidays same as the plot of the Story of Seasons game series. 

The characters that were included in the Doraemon lượt thích Shizuka and Gian can present themselves as supportive sầu characters and can also help Nobita go along in the adventures. By moving ahead inkhổng lồ the story, Nobita can be unlocking the gadgets which can grant quality capabilities lượt thích Weather Cards which can be changing the weather of the next day, và any door which can allow Nobita to travel faster in between different areas. 

Main features of the game 

There are a lot of people who are enthusiastic about watching Doraetháng shows & playing Doraemon games. This series of Doraemon games has a lot lớn offer. So, let us look at some of its features below: 


Different farm activities 

You will also find a plethora of farm-based activities in this game. This doesn’t let you feel bored in the game & you can keep engaging yourself in different activities and play harder. There are a lot of farm-based activities that you can persize in the game to proceed further to lớn new levels và unlochồng surprises. 

You must try playing the Doraetháng Story of Seasons game if you haven’t played it yet. It is an awesome game that literally rocks your gaming experience & you are surely going khổng lồ love playing this game. You can play it on any gaming console that you want, without any limitations. 

Doraetháng Story Of Seasons PC trò chơi Download

NameInitial Release DateDeveloperPublisherSeriesPlatformsEngineCategory
Doraetháng Story Of Seasons
13 June 2019
Marvelous Inc., Brownies Inc.
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Namco Bandẻo Games America Inc.

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Story of Seasons
Nintenvì chưng Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
PC Games > Simulation,Role-Playing

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