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They have not studied directly the effect of depletion upon the remaining players and the characteristics of their game.
Transplanted rice undergoes two more growth processes than does the directly seeded rice, nursery growth & transplanting shock.
He attempted to lớn create architecture directly out of what he called "nature"s organic structural thoughts".
But, apart from that, it also directly và immediately harms her by reducing her control of the purely self-regarding portion of her life.
Semantic priming is not as direct, as semantic representations cannot be directly read off an input đầu vào string.
The authors suggest that representations from one participant"s head are aligned directly with those from the other participant"s head.
In this commentary we raise two issues that we think are directly related lớn the theory"s treatment of mental representations as emulations.
The population of the ion ground states cannot be directly measured inside the stopping medium using projectile self radiation.
Two students directly compared technical problems with the process of analysis in their attempts to apply analytical methods in solving technical problems.
The basic problem: most chaotic systems" chaotic properties don"t seem very relevant, directly or indirectly, lớn human life.
We can only deduce, but never directly perceive sầu, any " symbolic representation " that exists in the mind.
Ximelagatran acts by binding directly to không tính phí and clot-bound thrombin, thereby preventing the conversion of fibrinogen lớn fibrin, the primary component of blood clots (28).

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The slip-law we use here assumes that the slip coefficient is directly proportional khổng lồ the local thickness of the film.
Beyond these remarks, it is revealing that the political discourse on impunity does not directly address its structural causes, but rather addresses the president personally.
The first kind of profiling is directly relevant lớn programmers, but the distinction between the dynamic and lexical styles is subtle.
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