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any of the enclosed parts inkhổng lồ which a space, a vehicle, or an object used for storing things is divided:
Figure 1 highlights these organellar compartments and provides a general mô tả tìm kiếm of their resident metabolic pathways and enzymes.
In order khổng lồ determine their possible functional significance, we considered parallels between these three nuclear entities and interchromatin compartments reported in other cells.
Inoculated chickens & contact animals were housed within these compartments in pens with a solid floor with 1 centimet of wood shavings.
Fertilization occurs only if at least 1 male and 1 female virtual gametocyte are found in the same compartment.
The molecular mechanisms of high-affinity transport of tryptophan inlớn cellular compartments within the central nervous system are not known.
The response was considered correct when, after being dropped inlớn the water maze, the animal"s first choice was the compartment with the escape ramp.
This maneuver results in producing an anterior compartment of the pulmonary venous chamber which conducts pulmonary venous blood khổng lồ the tricuspid valve.
Subject-object pairs were conditioned to lớn expect a shoông chồng khổng lồ the object after illumination of the compartment.
Table 1 lists the number of subclinical và clinical infections in lactating quarters per compartment of origin for each herd.
Axons grew into lớn the central compartment by passing beneath highelectrical resistance barriers separating two side compartments.
Apart from the gestation và insemination compartment are all other distinct groups housed in separate compartments.
In the first 5 min there was very little labelling, but the labelled compartments could be distinguished.
During the dissipation of heat the planets have sầu been differentiated inlớn heterogeneous bodies composed of chemically distinct compartments.
In the second transition (7:00-7:30), the loop is made from the same accelerating rhythm of the commuter train recorded inside the compartment.
In a few cases, a complete second unit of living & stalling compartments appears to lớn have sầu been added lớn a house (figure 3d).
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Halons are in use on aircraft in portable fire extinguishers & in fixed systems for engine and cargo compartment fire protection.

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In most cars they are located on a plate fixed in the engine compartment or are stamped inkhổng lồ the floor adjacent lớn the driver"s seat.
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