Colloquial là gì

A:Colloquial means that you"re using some word or expression on its unreal way. We don"t use this type of language on essays. It"s the informal speech.

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A:colloquial > ordinary/natural conversationspoken = oral, but "oral" feels more formal và is less usedverbal feels similar to lớn "spoken" & "oral", but i feel like it is only used when it relates to/is used to lớn describe communication.(ex. verbal irony, verbal abuse, verbal dispute)
A:"Colloquial" means a casual way of saying something. Something like ~さす instead of ~させる in Japanese."Verbal" just means "spoken". Verbal consent is consent given by speaking, verbal agreement are spoken agreements, etc.
A:If you mean pertaining lớn a word, they both mean the same thing, although colloquial is used much less. Saying that, I wouldn"t use the word "conversational," I would say "used in conversation." Hope this helps
Q:Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Mỹ) như thế nào? What is colloquial for "computer"? No matter laptop or desktop. Thanks in advance!
A:There are not many collonquial terms which are widely used. But some of the synonyms for a computer include: pc, numbers cruncher, Mac (if it"s Apple), desktop computer, puter.But we usually just say "computer"
Q:Nói câu này trong Tiếng Anh (Anh) như vậy nào? how vì chưng you say in colloquial British English "cómo estás"

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Q:Nói câu này vào Tiếng Anh (Anh) như vậy nào? encourage oneself or myself in colloquial expression
A:It says your a beginner but you are using words lượt thích oneself and colloquial ahahahahah made me laugh is all... How would you say encourage oneself in an in formal way... Encourage is an expression of givhpi.vnng someone a guideline if help in order for them khổng lồ complete something. So I"m not sure if encourage is the right word our looking for.Example being I would encourage you on how to lớn learn English by telling you how useful it would be & how it is used throughout the world. In not sure that you can encourage yourself.Although you can motivate yourself which would be the same as encouraging someone but aimed at yourself. Ahhh... But looking back at your question I again don"t know what to lớn say, you may have just worded it wrong or in just derping out.. I guess the only thing I can think of right this second is "I"m very motivated"
Q:‎what is a colloquial way of saying " it takes sometime lớn construct a sentence( what I"m about lớn say) in English" ?
Q:‎what is a colloquial way of saying " it takes sometime khổng lồ construct a sentence( what I"m about khổng lồ say) in English" ?
KnifeToMeetYou It takes me forever lớn figure out how lớn say what I want to lớn say.It takes me a long time khổng lồ put the words together in a correct sentence.
Q:Would you teach me how khổng lồ underst& colloquial expressions ?The sentence below is quoted from "Of Mice và Men", given by Lennie, who is not so smart."Ain"t nobody goin" to suppose no hurt khổng lồ George.""Ain"t nobody toàn thân goin" to lớn talk no hurt khổng lồ George."As for the first words, I wonder if we can rewrite them like : "Nobody toàn thân is going khổng lồ suppose that there is (no) hurt to lớn George."Also, as for the second words, lượt thích : "Nobody toàn thân is going khổng lồ talk (no) hurt lớn George."Both the sentences mean that Lennie has a svào will not lớn let anyone suppose/talk hurt to lớn George, right ?If it"s right, why is the word "ain"t" at the top of the sentence ?I think it"s a question khung. Or, my rewritten version is wrong?Would you help me ?

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popcha: "ain"t" is a negative word, và that means that it is in the "no" family.... It is at the top of the sentences emphasizing that NO one should hurt George! But it is very grammatically incorrect!