The amount of material and content which is there, we can be blessed with two whole new seasons in the future with 12 episodes each.

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This article was recently reviewed & is up to lớn date as of July 15, 2021.

The reason why we love sầu anime so much is that it breaks the conventional way we look or think about things. Be it world, earth, aliens, love, games, or even schools—animes have sầu a whole new yet bizarre approach lớn everything, & we cannot deny the fact that we love seeing things that make us wonder and have a different perspective sầu about things. Like, when we hear the word "school," what are the things that pop-up in our head? Uniform, friends, teachers, blackboard, lunchbox, pencils, notebooks, và so on, right? All this while we have sầu been looking at schools as a place or institution where we get an education & prepare ourselves for the future.


However, "Classroom of the Elite" has taken the definition of a school to lớn a whole new level, where students are not just tested based on theory or written exams, but something way beyond all of it. The "Classroom Of The Elite" is based on a light novel that also got adapted inkhổng lồ a Youkoso Jitsuryoku manga series in January of 2016. Syohgo Kinugasa writes it, and Yuyu Ichino does the illustration, và the manga is up lớn Volume 9. Studio Lerbịt has backed up the anime series.


The show"s first season that covers the stories from the first three manga books was a big hit, và fans loved the show. This leaves 15 volumes of the light series yet lớn be adapted for an anime series. This means there can still be many more episodes made from the materials & nội dung available. The show is based on a Japanese light novel series of the same name that includes 18 volumes. Fans now want khổng lồ know whether they should be expecting the second season of this fantastic show, và here is everything we know about it.

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Will There Be "Classroom of the Elite" Season 2?


Before we talk about the second installment"s possible release date, let"s look at the possibilities that push us towards believing that there will be a second season. As discussed earlier, one strong factor is the fact that there is still enough content and material in the manga to make a second season. The first season came out for the first time on July 12, 2017, & ended on September 27, 2017, along with 12 episodes. The fact that to conceive sầu the first installment, only three volumes were used of the light novel series, we know that there are 15 more volumes of the light novels yet lớn be covered. With the amount of material and content which is there, we can be blessed with two or three whole new seasons in the future with 12 episodes each. Even though we vì not have sầu an official date for the release of the second season, we can hope for it to lớn come sometime in 2021.

What Is "Classroom of the Elite" All About?


The popular anime series is all about students on a journey where they vị not just have to lớn survive a tough academic curriculum but also have lớn get through challenges that are there outside the four walls of classrooms. Unlike most series, where students are shown doing things against the whole idea of "with great power comes great responsibility," this show is about teenagers actually taking the responsibilities in a unique and unseen way. The show giao dịch with social problems that teenagers go through these days, like depression, the fear of rejection and missing out, anxiety, và so much more. Each character in the show possesses some dark chất lượng or agendomain authority about themselves, which makes this show even more interesting và relatable.

What Can Be The Plot Of Season 2 Of "Classroom of the Elite"?


Hoping that season 2 of this anime series will follow Volume 4, the next story it will follow would be the group battles baông xã on the cruise ship. However, this time all the students have sầu been separated and divided by their respective sầu zodiac signs into 12 groups. This challenge will not be about survival but will chạy thử their brains as each group will have khổng lồ figure out who the VIPhường is in the other groups. However, the competition between classes was hindered by the test, and the elites realized the goal of the exam và started their machinations lớn manipulate the outcome. The second season will be full of interesting storylines và dramas.

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Volume 6 is where the second season of "Classroom of the Elite" will possibly end.

Do Fans Want Season 2 Of "Classroom of the Elite"?

I just finished watching Classroom of the elite & I gotta say this is one of the best anime this year.And the male protagonist??? One of the best characters in the whole history of anime. I LOVE hyên ổn.I really enjoyed this so much. I cannot wait for season 2!

— Aniela