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Baby Hazel loves to lớn celebrate Thanksgiving with her family by enjoying a delicious feast. But before she can help her parents make dinner, she"ll need to vì chưng her chores and help prepare the house f...

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What better way to start out the new year than with the young and fun Baby Hazel? She"s a young girl who loves exploring the world a little bit at a time. This is her first New Year"s party, & ...

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It`s time for Baby Hazel khổng lồ learn about Dining manners. Help Baby Hazel in learning the Dining etiquettes & make mom feel proud of her. First of all, make the dining space pleasant by helping Bab... It"s time for Baby Hazel khổng lồ explore her cooking skills! Baby Hazel is hungry & mom is not at home. Can you assist Hazel in preparing her favorite snacks? Accompany her khổng lồ shopping mall for purcha... Jenny invited her friends over for a nice dinner, but she"s going lớn need to lớn clean up her kitchen before everyone comes over and start mixing, baking, and cooking their food.

Baby Hazel wants the opportunity khổng lồ invite her friends from her day care to lớn her house for a tea party. But she needs to be able khổng lồ cook và create the scones to lớn pass out to her best friends và show off her funny family pictures on this baby play date!

Create a kitchen with all of the frilly flowers that you"d expect from an awesome cooking area built entirely for the girl with dreams of becoming a five star chef! How would you design this kitchen?; You can never start cooking in a dirty kitchen! The stains are just going khổng lồ get richer & richer và dirtier & dirtier as you pile more and more sauces và pastas, meats and cheeses on đứng đầu of ...; Get ready for the funniest cooking session you"ve ever had! Forget about measured ingredients, finely chopped pieces of meat or organic vegetables và get ready to lớn put in your pot fresh frog legs, ...; In the hustle và bustle of the fast-food world, it"s easy to lớn get behind in your cleaning duties. Show off your number-one cleaning abilities by whipping this kitchen lớn tip-top shape in less than...; This xinh đẹp little cook loves to lớn dress up in an apron & start baking, cooking, and sauteing! Use all the pots & pans you can lớn make a five-course meal. Use all the colors và clothes you have ...; Owning a restaurant requires a lot of hard work. Every night, after the last customer leaves, you and your team of gourmet chefs must spend hours cleaning up after the dinner service so that the r...; These two girls love khổng lồ experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, improving their skills so that they can write their own recipes one day. You"re going to lớn have lớn work quickly as you scramble to...;