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ASUS Crosshair VI HeroA high-end motherboard lớn get the most out of your 8-core AMD processor.

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We have tested và reviewed all Ryzen 7 processors, now itis timeto zoom into the motherboards. This reviewsdetailsthe€ 289 ASUSCrosshairVI Hero. The X370 motherboard is the high-end alternative in theRyzenmotherboard spectrum. A motherboard with plenty of features và options, as well as a littleRGBbling.

AMD has released Ryzen 7, the hàng hóa name & series for their released 8-core (16 thread) processors.A processor series fabbed at a more efficient và optimized 14 nanometer FinFET process, rather than the 32 nm & 28 nm processes of previous AMD FX CPUs and AMD APUs, respectively. AMD"s processors and APUs over the years have run their course really, for the gamer và more mainstream PC aficionado the older FX and APU series simply lack in raw processor performance compared lớn what the competition has been offering. We discussed it many times in the reviews, but if you compared an intel processor core & an AMD processor core và clocked them at the very same frequency, hãng sản xuất intel was almost half faster. The effect of that phenomenon showed in the less optimized and threaded applications, many games are a good example here. Ryzen series 7 is likely best matched with the B350 (a little more value) and the X370 motherboards as it is a high-end desktop (HEDT) hàng hóa series.

Much like the competition AMD will be selling Ryzen in product stacks; low-end, mid-range & high-end much lượt thích Intel"s core i3, i5 và i7 series. Earlier on these were referred lớn as SR7, SR5 & SR3, matching up with Summit Ridge (SR) and thus a performance segment denominator. But then Summit Ridge from the new Zen architecture was named Ryzen, and hence one more change in naming has now been made. You will see Ryzen series 3, 5 & 7 processors. The Ryzen series 7 processors are eight chip core processors at attractive pricing combined with an IPC increase of roughly 52%. They come with four integer units, two address generation units & four floating point units, the decoder can decode four instructions per clock cycle. L1 data cache kích cỡ is 32 KiB & 64 KiB for instructions, the L2 cache form size is a whopping 512 KiB per core. Two of the floating point units are adders, two are multipliers. One unit that holds four processors is a CCX (core complex). Ryzen 7 is an 8-core processor series & thus that means 2 CCXs x 8 MB (L3) + 8 x 512 KB (L2) = đôi mươi MB in total for L2 và L3 caches. These numbers sound familiar, eh (Intel)? Today is obviously not just about the processors, au contraire tháng ami, you are going to need a new motherboard as well of course.

A new processor series will need a new chipset as the motherboard needs an infrastructure as well. This has been outsourced and at launch you will see multiple product stacked motherboard chipsets. For Ryzen, you probably want a high-end / enthusiast class chipset with lots of features và tweaking options, this will be the X370 chipset that went along with the launch of the processor series release. X370 will give trang chủ to the new socket AM4 và will provide DDR4 memory tư vấn (as well as all other modern usual suspects lượt thích USB 3.1 gene 2, SATA Express, as well as NVMe protocol based M.2 tư vấn and surely PCI-Express ren 3.0). For Socket AM4 the following chipsets will be released: X370, B350, A320, X300 and A300. X370 is the most high-end series. Today"s tested motherboard, theASUSCrosshairVI Hero, is based on the X370 chipset và thus its feature set. This board includes support for M.2-NVMe SSDs, USB 3.1 as well as ESS Sabre DAC and amplifier. The Crosshair supports two-way SLI & CrossFireX configs split between its main PCI Express x16 slots. The PCIe slots have reinforcements to withstand the weight of high-end cards. The audio features anRealtek1220 codec that improves input quality for streamers with an industry-leading 113-dB SNR for the line-in paired with an ESS Sabre DAC.

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Overall we have lots khổng lồ talk about, let’s start up the review, next page please.


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