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Download ARK Survival Evolved V336.12 Full Crachồng – ARK Survival Evolved Free Download. ARK Survival Evolved is a survival action game, testing your ability to survive sầu among mỏi a herd of carnivorous dinosaurs. Starting off with nothing in hand, stranded và starving on a mysterious isl&, how bởi vì you survive sầu in the world of ARK: Survival Evolved ?


TITLE: ARK Survival Evolved V336.12

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DEVELOPER: Studio Wildcard

PUBLISHER: Studio Wildcard

RELEASE DATE: Jun 11, 2020

GENRE: Adventure, Action, Survial



ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass

ARK: Aberration – Expansion Pack

ARK: Extinction – Expansion Pack

ARK: Scorched Earth – Expansion Pack

ARK: Genesis Part 1

ARK: Genesis Season Pass

ARK Expansion Map – The Center

ARK Expansion Map – Ragnarok

ARK Expansion Map – Valguero

ARK Expansion Map – Crystal Isles

ARK Total Conversion – Primitive+

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When playing the action game ARK: Survival Evolved , players will be stranded on the shores of a mysterious islvà called ARK. To survive sầu, the player must hunt, mine resources, craft furniture, grow crops, research new technologies, & build shelters to lớn withstvà weather conditions. Players will use their agility & many resources lớn kill or tame & breed giant dinosaurs & other primitive sầu creatures that move around the l&. You can be a good teammate or hunt hundreds of other players to lớn find a way lớn survive sầu, become the ruler or run away.

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Tame, train, breed and ride dinosaurs in a vibrant ecosystemFind food, drink, resist harsh weather conditionsMining, building constructions, customizing itemsCultivation, breeding & developmentSummon the ultimate creatureRich tribal systemThere are elements of the role-playing game genreExplore the vast spaceSharp graphics

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition

Experience the most complete version of the series with ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – a collection of 9 quality games & expansion packs, now on Steam. Tame và ride dinosaurs while exploring savage lands, teaming up with other players to compete in epic tribal wars. It can be said that ARK is the most epic dinosaur adventure game for PC.

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition includes:

Original game ARK: Survival EvolvedARK: Genesis Season PassARK: Scorched Earth – Expansion PackARK: Aberration – Expansion PackARK: Extinction – Expansion PackARK: Survival Evolved Original SoundtrackARK: Expansion Packs Original SoundtrackARK: Genesis Part 1 Original SoundtrackARK: Genesis Part 2 Original Soundtrack

All original games & nội dung packs have sầu been updated & optimized, adding thousands of hours of exciting ARK: Survival Evolved gameplay. Not only that, this collection also includes original music for you khổng lồ enjoy independently.

From primeval forests to lớn a star-studded universe, the gaming environment is lively and refreshing. Here, there are hundreds of quality creatures that are constantly moving, from prehistoric times lớn the future, will you befriover or defeat them? Through the journey to lớn confront or tame ancient dinosaurs, players will also understand the history of the vast ARK universe.

Survival game for computer ARK Survival Evolved Free Download includes a variety of dinosaurs, creatures & methods of hybridization. Currently, more than 100 species in the complete version will be tamed using highly challenging capture methods and complex execution procedures. Specifically, the player must make the wild creature weaker, knoông xã it unconscious, then nourish it lớn restore health with the right food. Once tamed, the player can comm& his pet. Its ability to listen lớn commands depends on the player’s taming and training ability. During the game, pets can màn chơi up và eat a variety of things, carry crates và equipment items lượt thích armor, bring prey back to lớn shelter depending on their abilities. Players can directly control & ride large pets, such as flying winged lizards through snow-covered mountains, Raise your teammates over walls erected by enemies, cross the forest with the help of raptors, use large dinosaurs that specialize in eating trees khổng lồ trample bases or hunt prey on their backs of a ferocious tyrannosaur! Players will participate in the ecological life cycle with wild animals và a variety of other prey while themselves are just a small creature trying lớn fight for survival and dominance. In the game, males và females can interbreed to lớn create the next generation based on genetics. This process includes incubating eggs lớn create & raise baby dinosaurs. Players will participate in the ecological life cycle with wild animals và a variety of other prey while themselves are just a small creature trying to lớn fight for survival and dominance. In the game, males and females can interbreed to lớn create the next generation based on genetics. This process includes incubating eggs khổng lồ create and raise baby dinosaurs. Players will participate in the ecological life cycle with wild animals và a variety of other prey while themselves are just a small creature trying lớn fight for survival & dominance. In the game, males and females can interbreed lớn create the next generation based on genetics. This process includes incubating eggs khổng lồ create và raise baby dinosaurs.


Players must eat and drink lớn survive. Survival game for PC ARK: Survival Evolved includes many plants & meat with different nutritional value. Ensuring an adequate supply of clean water for the home and the inventory is a necessity. All physical actions consume the character’s energy, meaning that if you have khổng lồ travel long distances, it will be very difficult. The weight of the crate makes the player move slower, the day-night cycle and random weather conditions increase the challenge. The temperature of the environment changes, causing the player to become hungry or thirsty more quickly. Therefore, it is advisable khổng lồ build a fire or build a shelter, và sew a variety of clothes and armor lớn protect yourself from extreme weather conditions.

When cutting trees in the forest, mining for metals and other rare resources, the player can build multi-storey structures including beams, columns, windows, doors, gates, hatches, water pipes, faucets, generators, wires, ladders and many types of electrical equipment… Players should build a solid structure, then paint it in different colors and add decorations. That shelter will help the character resist the weather & protect himself. Players are allowed to color their weapons, costumes, and armor to lớn show off their aesthetic abilities.

During the gameplay of the action game ARK Survival Evolved, players can piông xã up seeds from the plants around them, plant them, water them, và apply fertilizers. Take great care lớn create rare & delicious fruits for multi-course cooking, crafting useful tonics. You should actively explore to find the rarest seeds. In the game, vegetarians can still grow, become a master và conquer the islvà of ARK.

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After carrying enough rare items lớn sacrifice location summons ( Sumtháng ) special character can attract the attention of the mythical creatures of the isl& to lớn combat ARK. Those giant creatures are the ultimate goal of the most experienced groups of players with a large pet force. If they get hit, they will drop their most valuable items.


When playing the survival game ARK Survival Evolved, players can create a tribe and invite friends khổng lồ join. All pets can be controlled by a tribe thành viên. Level up the members to reduce the burden of being a patriarch! You can distribute key items & codes to allow them to lớn enter your village.

All items in the game are crafted from blueprints with various parameters and require a certain amount of resources. The remote, inhospitable locations of the ARK island (e.g. high mountains, caves và deep seas) often have better resources. Players can help characters & pets cấp độ up, learn how to craft items quickly, & customize their character’s appearance with a variety of hair, eye, và skin colors.

One thing to lớn note is that all of the above have a certain durability & will soon fail if used for a long time without repair. When you exit the game, the character will still sleep in the vast world. Everything can be stolen, so it is necessary to have teammates or pets to guard. If you try to lớn uncover the mystery of the island, you will find the strangest creatures và the most quality designs.

Currently, the survival action game ARK Survival Evolved has more than 100 players on the servers. Players can switch bachồng và forth between single-player và multiplayer. You are also allowed to lớn host & customize the ARK island as you lượt thích.


Introducing ARK: Genesis Season Pass

ARK: Genesis Part 2 introduces a massive world filled with new biomes, story-based quests and mystical creatures. The final confrontation between HLN-A và the evil Sir Edmund Rockwell will take place aboard a giant colonial ship, traveling through deep space. ARK: Genesis Season Pass is ARK’s biggest content paông chồng with lots of fun for you to explore.

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New Creatures: Noglin, Shadowmane, Stryder, Astrodelphis and variant of GEN-X.New items: Hoversail, TEK Bow, TEK Federation Suit, Canoe, Minigun và TEK Pistol.New Buildings: Egg Incubator, Ammobox, Remote Camera Security System, Loadout Mannequin & TEK Crop Plot.New environments: Genesis Ship, Biome 01, Biome 02, Biome 03 & Biome 04.

TCL Pass 3 brings a new experience on the base game, focusing on upgrading Mammoth & Stegosaurus in both gameplay and visuals. This update also includes a series of changes in gameplay unique, creating a fascinating survival adventure in the world of ferocious tyrannosaurs


ARK Survival Evolved Gameplay

ARK Survival Evolved System Requirement


OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)

Processor: Intel Vi xử lý Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better

DirectX: Version 10

Storage: 60 GB available space

Additional Notes: Requires broadband mạng internet connection for multiplayer

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